Environment and sustainability are an integral part
of the organizational genetic makeup of PiEV

We are committed to protecting the environment and further accelerating the
transition to clean energy.

In this regard, we have set a number of milestones for ourselves.


Our mission is to utilize 30% – 50% renewal power in our operation within 5 years and 80% in 10 Years.


To further reduce the environmental impact and the CO2 footprint from our operations, we have set a goal to transition to using 70% of sustainable materials while building the charging stations. The timeline set for this is about 5-7 years.

Less Battery
to Landfill

Investment into R&D and collaboration with key players to extend battery recharge cycle and reduce battery disposal in landfills will be one of our major focus areas.


We will take a leadership role in integrating circular economy into our operations where a portion of material used will be from landfills.


We are partnering with organizations that are leaders in environmental repair and protection. We are committing to them to plant 1 tree for every 10,000 kWh charge. In 10 years aim to plant 10 million trees across India.

Rewilding, Animal
Protection &
Clean Water

We are collaborating with organizations in both the private and government sector, who are leaders in these domains to better understand the role we can play. At the minimum, we aim to provide such organizations with the necessary support to help them succeed in meeting their objectives.

Reducing the
carbon Footprint

All our efforts should help reduce the Carbon (CO2) footprint of the Indian mobility in excess of 1 million Metric Tons in 10 Years.

Support from local Government agencies on E&S initiatives will be key to help us achieve the milestones we have set for ourselves.

Our Partners

One Earth Retreat, Pune
One Earth Retreat, Pune


Mr Kumar

Pune, Maharashtra

Planted 100 trees and takes care of the animals at etc